* 4 Channel Microphone and 2 line input, treble and bass can be controlled separately .

* Mic1- 4 built-in 48V phantom power supply, and switch can be independently controlled.

* Support 1-channel remote microphone input, which can be connected to up to 6 remote zone microphones for remote control zone output.

* Support 1-channel EMC emergency alarm audio signal input interface, with the highest priority.

* Support 1-channel TEL telephone audio input interface, and the volume can be adjusted.

* Configure MP3 remote control, support power-off memory function and MIC recording function.

* With MP3 function module, adopt LCD display, support playback of various file formats in U disk such as MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, and AAC; with TF card, support mobile phone Bluetooth function, and can display song names.

* Integrated bluetooth module, support playing music through mobile phone bluetooth.

* Integrated tuner module with FM radio port.

* Support 6 zone output, constant voltage 100V output, each zone volume can be adjusted independently.

* Constant voltage output: 70V, 100V, rated resistance output: 4-16 Ω.

* Support 1-channel line output and can be connected with recording or sound reinforcement processor.

* Built in bell, optional tone: 4 tones and 2 tones (built-in), alarm generator.

* When the built-in alarm generator is started, turn off the background music, 6 zone output will be automatically turned on, and the maximum output volume function will be forced to be switched off.

* A variety of indicator lights (signal, the top of the roof, to protect the LED indicator)

* Using fan forcible cooling structure, allowing the machine to work for a long time.

* There are 5 priority functions:

The first level EMC priority: when input the EMC alarm signal, all the sound source will be turn off, and the 6 Channel partition output will automatically open.

Second level: TEL/REM MIC override MIC1-4, LINE1-2 and bell tone.

Third level: built-in alarm generator override bell sound, MIC1-4, LINE1-2, 6 partition output will automatically open.

Fourth level: built-in bell tone override MIC1-4, LINE1-2.

Fifth level: built-in MIC1 override MIC2-4, LINE1-2.

* Support standby power supply 24 V no delay switching function, optional.

* It has the function of power fluctuation protection, over-voltage protection and under voltage protection.