* Using high-efficiency Class D amplifier circuit and built-in high-efficiency switching power supply, making the overall efficiency as high as 85%.

* The product adopts reasonable heat dissipation layout inside, so that the product can keep the working temperature below 55 degrees even in extremely harsh working environment, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.

* Using 1U standard 19-inch industrial cabinet design.

* 1-channel digital power amplifier with 100V or 4-16Ω output terminal.

* Support fault output function, can remotely monitor the working status of power amplifier equipment.

* The product has short circuit, overload and overheat protection.

* Support 1 channel independent power supply function.

* 85% high efficiency amplifier with low power loss and low heat generation.

* With 1 channel European terminal balanced input, 1 channel European terminal output.

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