Zycoo IPPBX System – Your Replacement for Panasonic PABX!

Analog no more! It is now IP Based, Upgradeable, Expandable and User Friendly! Caters from Small, Medium and Large Enterprise Businesses!

After a long development and improvement, the CooVox T-Series finally came out! More powerful hardware and new software version will bring users a better experience. The T series includes four products: First and second respectively, CooVox-T100 and T-100S are easy-to-config IPPBX systems specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Thirdly, CooVox-T200 is an easy-to-config moderate-sized IPPBX system specially designed for SMEs. Lastly, CooVox-T600 is a professional-grade IPPBX system specially designed for medium and large enterprises.

T Series is more than VOIP IP PBX. They come with everything you need to upgrade or set up a new IP Telecommunication system as desktop IP-Phone, smart mobile app and analog expansion box are also available in Zycoo. Now you can set up your IP Telecommunication system with worry-free Zycoo Coovox T Series.

Both Coovox T100 and Coovox T100s are easy to config and delicate diminutive IPPBX systems especially designed for small and medium sized enterprises worldwide. They are  both well suited  for small businesses with up to 100 people and meet all the needs of an office phone system.

What is the difference with our model T100 and T100-S. Some customers may be confused about these two models. We can observe the front panels of the two products. The most significant difference is that the T100 has two extra analog interfaces that support FXO outside line or FXS inside line.

Also what are the target customers for these two product models? Both are easy-to-configure IPPBX systems for small and medium sized enterprises, but the T100-S is especially suitable for SIP trunk users. 


ZYCOO IPPBX T Series (T100S)

IP PBX without module, Extension Users: 100, Concurrent Calls: 50 (Max), Voicemail/Recording: 400Hrs (internal storage), RAM: 512 MB, Storage: 8GB SD Card (Industry Standard)

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IPPBX T100-A220

ZYCOO IPPBX T Series (T100-A220)

IP PBX with 2FXS, Extension Users: 100, Concurrent Calls: 50 (Max), Supported Module: 2FXS, Supported Maximum Module: 1, Port Number: 2, Voicemail/Recording: 400Hrs (internal storage) RAM: 512MB Storage: 8GB SD Card (Industry Standard)

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IPPBX T100-A202

ZYCOO IPPBX T Series (T100-A202)

IP PBX with 2F0, Extension Users: 100, Concurrent Calls: 50 (Max), Supported Module: 2FX0, Supported Maximum Module: 1, Port Number: 2, Voicemail/Recording: 400Hrs (Internal storage) RAM: 512MB, Storage: 86GB SD Card (Industry Standard)

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Coovox T200 is an easy to config and delicate  moderate sized ippbx system specially designed for SMEs. It is well suited for enterprises with around 200 people and it fulfills all the needs of an enterprise’s office phone system

ZYCOO IPPBX T Series (T200)

IP PBX without module, Extension Users: 200, Concurrent Calls: 80 (Max), Supported Module: 4FXS/4FX0/2FX0S/2GSM/4GSM/2WCDMA/4WCDMA, Supported Maximum Module: 2Voicemail/Recording: 15000Hrs (Internal Storage), SDRAM: 1GB DDR3, Storage: 8G SD Card (Industrial Grade)+ 1TB Surveillance HDD

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Coovox T600 is a professional grade IPPBX System specially designed for medium and large enterprises it supports up to 600 extensions 150 simultaneous calls and 150 simultaneous conference attendees. The equipped large capacity of one terabyte hard disk can support and save up to 15000 hours of call recordings. Therefore Coovox T600 is deal for enterprises demanding high performance and stability of IPPBX Systems with the unique modular design the Coovox series provides a flexible telephony interfaces combination while allowing for future scalability such as the FXO Module for receiving the POTS service from the public switch telephone network FXS module for connecting with analog  fax machines or analog phones WCDMA and GSM modules to use with sim cards. Of course the primary rate interface module is also supported equipped with the brand new software 400 system coovox.


ZYCOO IPPBX T Series (T600)

IP PBX without module, Extension Users: 600, Concurrent Calls: 150 (Max), Supported Module: 4FXS/4FX0/2FX0S/2GSM/4GSM/2WCDMA/4WCDMA/4BRI/PRI (E1/T1), Supported Maximum Module: 2, Voicemail/Recording: 30000Hrs (internal storage), SDRAM: 1GB DDR3, Storage: 16G EMMC + 1TB Surveillance HDD

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Overall, T-Series can provide users with more convenience in application and management with user friendly GUI interface. It is easy to check and configure all the settings plus with the help of the quick setup panel step by step design user, you can set up the whole IPPBX system in a just a few minutes.

Coovox T Series provide you with not only the telephony feature but all features related to audio. You can use the operator panel to manage and transfer a large number of calls. The visual interface allows you to see all the extensions that are in calls or waiting in queues when SIP-enabled devices such as speakers on intercoms are registered to the coovox IP-PBX. You can use the operator panel to playback high quality background music, emergency paging schedule, daily announcements etc.. Perfect to use in application scenarios such as hotels, offices, health care centers. The built-in billing system saves you the additional charge on a separate billing system. It can charge and recharge extensions and conduct analysis based on statistics multiple payment methods are supported such as prepaid and post paid. Flexible rate settings and detailed records make it extremely easy for enterprises of hotels to monitor charges spot misuse and enhance efficiency. All models of the T-Series Coovox IPPBX can enjoy the 1st year (free) online plan provided by Zycoo. This includes using the CooCall soft phone to answer calls, dial calls, transfer calls and more. There is no additional cost for the push notification function which prevents you from missing a call free of charge using the Zycoo proxy services. No fixed public IP 3rd party DDNS Services, and VPN routers are required. You can register your remote extension and integration of the branch office any time needed. Additionally, Zycoo partners can use the remote management system to help their customers with the IPPBX system configuration remotely collaborative user troubleshooting switching and so on.

The first question is, in your opinion what are the advantages of our new PBX compared with other brands traditional phone system? In contrast, our products are more developed in terms of functionality. Not only comes with full PABX features like Caller ID, Auto Answer but also advanced features of IP PBX like Remote Extension, IVR, Call Recording, conference Call.

The last question, if some customers who want to continue to expand their systems, is there a solution? Yes, we got an accessory called EX16S FXS Expansion Box with 16 FXS ports for Fax machine or telephone. No manually configuration required for the installation. And when using with the EX16S Expansion Box, our T series supports mixed networking of analog phones and VoIP Phones.

ZYCOO FXS Gateway (EX16S)

Port Number: 16 FXS, SDRAM: 512MB DDR3, Memory (default): 16GB SD Card

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