IPASON Laptop (Model: X36L SPEC)


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IPASON Laptop, Model: X36L SPEC, Intel i7-7920hq, Intel Skylake, Memory: 8gb or 16gb Optional
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Price: $23,000.00
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Product Description

Key Feature

 Model: X36L SPEC 17.3 gaming laptop

 CPU: Intel i7-7920hq 3.1 up to 4.1Ghz

 Chipset: Intel Skylake L3 6mb

 Graphics: Nvdia GTX-1060/GDDR 6gb

 WIFI: 802.11 A/C WIFI, Lan 1000m

 O.S: Pre-Installed

 Display: IPS; 1920*1080; 16.9

 Memory: 8gb or 16gb Optional DOR4 (Max. 32)

 Hard Disk: 512 NvME SSD

 Optical: None

 Camera: 720P HD

 Bluetooth: 4.0

 Ports: USB 0X2 USB2 0X2, Combo jack 4n1 Card Reader, Hdmi 2.0 port

 Battery: Li-polymer 4 cell, 19Vdc; 7.9A

 Warranty: 18 months