Hikvision TVI-8CH4D4B-1MP


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Hikvision TVI-8CH4D4B-1MP
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Price: $11,400.00
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8CH HD Analog

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Product Description

* 1pc 8channel (DS-7208HGHI-F1) Digital Video Recorder
* 4pcs 720p HD Dome Cameras (DS-2CE56C0T-IRPF - 3.6mm.)
* 4pcs 720p HD Bullet Cameras (DS-2CE16C0T-IRPF - 3.6mm.)
* 8pcs 18meters Built-in Cables
* 1pc 8-way Splitter with Power Adapter
* Sata Cable, Sata Power, USB Mouse, Power Cord, Remote Control, Manual
* Tox and Screws, Drilling Guide

Note: :
1. 1 Year Warranty
2. Hard Disk Drive is not included in the package. Below are the prices of our HDD.

Capacity Price
Seagate 1TB Skyhawk Php 4,000
Seagate 2TB Skyhawk Php 5,500
Seagate 4TB Skyhawk Php 9,000
Seagate 6TB Skyhawk Php 13,500
Seagate 8TB Skyhawk Php 18,500